Vapiano’s refreshing new menu items

Vapiano is 1 of my go-to restaurants when I want to eat quick, simple and good Italian food. It also happens to be one of my default take a date spots, so new… Continue reading

Tapas in DC – sometimes basic is better

At one of DC’s top rated tapas restaurant – Jaleo: Roasted potatoes Pan con tomate Cheese, jam and bread Herbs olive oil dip

Grape tomatoes on a pizza are a game changer

Whoever thought finding a sit down pizza place in Manhattan would involve 20 blocks of walking since every possible place you come across is packed with 30 minute average wait. Well, that happened.… Continue reading

Bread + Ricotta + Fig + Lemon Zest = Joy!

Crostino Di Ricotta at Spaghetti Incident is Toasted Bread With Homemade Ricotta, Caramelized Figs, Mint & Lemon Zest. And it was delicious!

Grilled Vegetables, Japanese Style

At Inakaya in NYC, I had a very delightful Japanese lunch. Often associated with fish, meat, and disgusting boiled vegetables, I was pleasantly surprised to see their menu having a unique cooked vegetables… Continue reading

Summer Restaurant: Atla

When summer 2017 finally did arrive, I found Atla through Foursquare. It seemed like the fresh summer restaurant that’ll have some fun small plates and be a relaxing brunch with friends restaurant​. And… Continue reading

When dessert brightens your night

Coconut custard is a real thing. With pieces of coconut in it. Served with pieces of fresh fruits, this custard was really really good.  Restaurant: abcV The dosa and the custard are among… Continue reading

Tapas in Bombay

Myxx in Bombay was a new restaurant while I was on my vacation. A fun dinner with family at Myxx had to happen. It was worth it.

Peas dumplings that’ll make you feel things

These pea paste dumplings will make your eyes open wide, your mouth stuck for a few seconds, and as you bite into dumpling your eyes close, you get to process the tangy sauce,… Continue reading

3 Nights, 10 Southern Flavors

Having heard nothing but good things about North Carolina, I was looking forward to my first trip to Southern US. I knew what I wanted to try and my team member had some recommendations… Continue reading