A Table of Mediterranean Appetizers 

Small plates are fun. When there’s feta cheese in one of the plates, it’s more fun.  Traveling around Irvine, circumstances had me skip lunch which meant I wanted a satisfying dinner. Mexican &… Continue reading

Falafel in more than 1 flavor

Taïm in NYC was an accidental find which turned out to be a really good find.  As a fussy vegetarian, Mediterranean food is one of the cuisines that I like. Till Taïm, falafel… Continue reading

No one does dessert better than Koreans

Dessert is great, Koreans make it greater.

Vegetarian burger that no one is ashamed of

New burger joint, great vegetarian burger, and fries

Fine dining Indian at its finest

Fine dining Indian tasting menu by Michellin starred chef VIkas Khanna

Peppers stuffed with more than cheese

Poblano peppers that are filled with more than cheese

Italian Supper

Italian dinner at a cozy New York City Italian restaurant

Georgian Dumplings: Khinkalis

Cold, a bit chewy, not fried or baked, these are Georgian dumplings. Or Khinkalis filled with cheese. You can get these with meat fillings too.

Khabizgini: Georgian Parathas 

These are essentially aloo parathas with cheese stuffed. Restaurant: Oda House, NYC

Vegan Italian Done Right

I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan. It’s an important distinction to be made because I consume dairy products. I love cheese in my food. I love it in a sandwich, I love it… Continue reading