Delicious Vegan Pesto Meatballs

At the very popular Vegan restaurant by Chloe.   While I know not of how meatballs taste, Chloe’s Italian meatballs with marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, in a potato sub roll were delicious!

Vegetarian Tamale Pie

Served at Cuban restaurant – Habana in Costa Mesa, thistamale pie was flavorful and quite a meal! With the platains adding a sweet taste to the savory soft corn bread topped with jalapeño… Continue reading

How-to: Quick Snack Salad Veggie Masala Roll

When I don’t travel for work, I like to make food for myself because I have to pay for food from my pocket. Every now and then, I make my own salads. Very… Continue reading

Acorn Paste Korean Jelly

Intriguing looking gray edible substance with a jelly texture and tofu-like bland taste.

The Frozen Dahi-vada

A north Indian appetizer the traditional dahi vada is common and simple to most Indians. So I was blown away by the creativity of the frozen dahi vada. No, this isn’t the refrigerated… Continue reading

Food Fun 2016 Roundup

2016, in food adventures:

Italian at US’s Best Italian Restaurant 

According to Yelp, Mama D’s in Newport Beach, CA is the best Italian restaurant in the US. I tried it. And the only thing that stood out was the smiling and helpful staff.… Continue reading

Photogenic Indian Food

I’ve had this article in my drafts for a while, somehow I never got to complete it as this night we my family met with an accident. Somehow with God’s graces we walked… Continue reading

Mediterranean Cheese Love Fest

So much cheese in so many different ways. Everything was delicious. It was a dimly lit restaurant making it difficult to get good pictures. I did my best. Restaurant: Kashkaval Gardens, NYC Spicy-sweet… Continue reading

Authentic Indian Flavors in Modern New York Plates

Manhattan has no shortage of Indian restaurants but for long, my favorite go-to Indian restaurant has been Vikas Khanna’s Michellin starred restaurant – Junoon. Till recently there wasn’t an Indian restaurant that was… Continue reading