Sushi: vegetarian & avocado

Sushi: vegetarian & avocado

In Syracuse we have a few sushi restaurants near campus and I hated the sushi I had at one of these places. Giving sushi another chance was not on the cards but at Haru, I dared. It’s probably the seaweed that freaks me a little when it comes to sushi but once I overcame that, vegetable sushi was pretty edible with sriracha hot sauce. With rice outside and vegetables intricately wrapped in seaweed, i enjoyed the vegetable sushi.

The other variant I tried was avocado. While I am a big fan of guacamole, avocado by itself is a little difficult to gulp. Perhaps the bland taste has something to do with that. (Avocado in a subway sandwich was the worst sub I ever had.) Anyhow, dipped in hot sauce, avocado sushi was enjoyed, less than vegetable sushi though.

Moral of the story: everything tastes good with sriracha.