Raclette: The Swiss Tell You How To Eat Roasted Potatoes and Cheese

Every weekend in New York City is an opportunity to walk around the much straighter than San Fransciso streets of Manhattan exploring restaurants. There are times you have a voice of desire influencing your decision, and on others you randomly choose a place knowing not what’s in store for you. A beautiful sunny day in the 50s mid-February is probably as good as it gets to walk around East Village, and we went to a Swiss restaurant named Raclette.

Not knowing what to expect we end up at small little place with a as many tables as they could fit in, and scrolling through the menu I get excited. They have more vegetarian options than I anticipated! While we waited for our orders to come, I see the server walking to a table with half a cheese wheel, sliding a knife through it and gooey, liquid cheese falling from this half-wheel on a plate of roasted potatoes. My eyes lit up! That yellow melting cheese smoothly falling off the wheel had me lusting. And then came our plate. Here’s what happened:

And needless to say, here’s a video: