Bruschetta Tasting Bar

Maggiano’s Little Italy in Virginia is goof comfort food Italian. Glancing at their menu, the bruschetta tasting bar sounded like something that deserves a concept restaurant of its own. Ricotta, arugula, strawberry chutney – delicious.… Continue reading

Vegetarian Brunch For Every Saturday

Good tasting, repeatable vegetarian brunch is a challenge. Chefs are stumped to go beyond eggs and bacon when it comes to brunch. But not at The Smith. The Smith is probably one of… Continue reading

Mango Ice Cream with Tamarind & Chillies

Once I found about the combination in this colorful ice cream there was no way I wasn’t going to try it. The tamarind candy was hard to chewy, probably because of being dipped… Continue reading

Among the best vegetarian tacos

Mushrooms are alien food. Mushrooms is what a vegetarian alien would eat. Not kale; mushrooms. At Oaxaca Taqueria, they seem to understand that vegetarian is more than mushrooms. And their poblano peppers with… Continue reading

NYC foodies: Seamless hack

Save money when you order through Seamless in NYC

Vegan chicken tenders

Never have I had chicken tenders but friends who have love them. I tried their vegan alternative and was left a little underwhelmed. Although my friend said they were close to the real… Continue reading

Delicious Vegan Pesto Meatballs

At the very popular Vegan restaurant by Chloe.   While I know not of how meatballs taste, Chloe’s Italian meatballs with marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, in a potato sub roll were delicious!

Vegetarian Tamale Pie

Served at Cuban restaurant – Habana in Costa Mesa, thistamale pie was flavorful and quite a meal! With the platains adding a sweet taste to the savory soft corn bread topped with jalapeƱo… Continue reading

How-to: Quick Snack Salad Veggie Masala Roll

When I don’t travel for work, I like to make food for myself because I have to pay for food from my pocket. Every now and then, I make my own salads. Very… Continue reading

Acorn Paste Korean Jelly

Intriguing looking gray edible substance with a jelly texture and tofu-like bland taste.