Assorted Appetizers

Boiled potatoes, some sweet biscuits and green things. Advertisements

Veg Lasagne and bread

At the MSFT MVP Global Summit 2011, was fairly good.

Some Decent Salad

Served during the Microsoft MVP Summit 2011. Was pretty good. There’s potatoes with some white gravy, tomatoes and green things.

Naan & Paneer

A tasty Punjabi meal at Taj Mahal, Syracuse (with Mango lassi)

Chocolate Milkshake

Delicious and filling milkshake at Friendly’s

Fancy Burrito

At Papa Gallo, Syracuse during Cinco d Mayo. PS: Crappy pic, I know. 

Mixed vegetable rice

  Frozen vegetables & ready to cook rice with salty yogurt. Cooked by me.  

Gravy potatoes

Home prepared in oil & spices. Garnished with Coriander, cooked by me.