Raclette: The Swiss Tell You How To Eat Roasted Potatoes and Cheese

Every weekend in New York City is an opportunity to walk around the much straighter than San Fransciso streets of Manhattan exploring restaurants. There are times you have a voice of desire influencing… Continue reading

Masala Library: Delightfully exquisite plating of delicious Indian food

Fine dining contemporary Indian food prepared through molecular gastronomy techniques

Miami Tacos

A while back I was in Miami for a weekend, it was beautiful. And so was this plate of tacos and corn from Tacquiza:  The cotija cheese sprinkled all over with fresh onions… Continue reading

Bean Tacquitos

A randomly found restaurant where you like the food is the best kind of food exploring. This happened when me and a friend were walking around East Village. Taquitoria is a quick bite… Continue reading

The Italian Way, at Eataly

Co-owned by TV personality Joe Bastianich (Restaurant Startup & Master Chef), Eataly is a popular New York stop. Finally going there, I was confused. It was crowded, people walking all around, servers in… Continue reading

A French Affair 

Restaurant: Mistral, Boston Lambs Lettuce with Soft Goats Cheese & Pecan Melba, Apple Cider Vinaigrette: I did not know there was a lettuce called lamb’s lettuce. The presentation was good. Artisanal Cheese Assiette… Continue reading

Mediterranean Quick Bites

A new Mediterranean quick bite restaurant opened near our house and turns out their food is pretty good. Mimi’s Hummus on 14th & 2nd. For appetizers we got: Hummus (mediocre – it was… Continue reading

Ukranian Brunch

Restaurant: Veselka Potato Pancakes pan-fried served with sour cream & apple sauce These were heavy! Pierogi: Ukrainian-Style Dumplings: Fried with sauteed onions, apple sauce & sour cream. Fillings : potato & cheese.  These… Continue reading

Green Tomato with Haloumi Cheese Schnitzel

schnit·zel ˈSHnitsəl/noun a thin slice of veal or other light meat, coated in breadcrumbs and fried. While that’s the definition of a Schnitzel, that shouldn’t stop anyone from making a vegetarian version of… Continue reading

Portuguese Tapas

O P O R T O Fooding House & Wine, Houston has great ambiance and delicious food. Fun place for a group and small plates. QUEIJO DE CABRA Baked goat cheese/ walnuts/ basil… Continue reading